Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ضحالة الامل

رغم تعمقي المتطرف الا انني لازلت اعاني من الضحالة.
ضحالة التفكير وضحالة الامل
وضحالة الجهد في البحث عن الحل

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Question everything

There are two parties doubting the after-life:
  1. Those who gave up hope of coming in peace with themselves and forgive their own actual and imaginative sins, those who like to believe that there is a universal personal end for everyone, and no one will rise from the dead to testify against their twisted ways of living.
  2. The second are those who chose to question everything, and their only objective in life is to find the truth.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My typos are my signature of authenticity.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fate, actions and beliefs

Fate, actions and beliefs

Yes your actions will not change your fate but your knowledge will definitely do.
there is two zones where "fate" comes to play, one is the reason-world as we know it, and the other is the tiny very personal space inside each of us, the one we know as the human soul.
Fate in our world follow different paths from the one in our souls,  and that tiny but vast space inside us makes all the real difference for our real fate.


People with imagination are more capable to start new complicated tasks, but once they get those task up and running they become equal in performance or even less than any skilled worker.

We can do so much

We can do so little for ourselves and so much for others.

If you would not be forgotten

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing"
Benjamin Franklin

Friday, July 20, 2012

The City Walls

Notice the strong walls of our city . . . Now examine the inner walls of our city.
Examine the fine brickwork. These walls, too, surpass all others!
No human being, not even a king, will ever be able to construct more impressive walls.

Gilgamesh, Tablet I, 2IOO B.C.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Our ubiquitous ignorance

Most of the creativity resides in asking a new question rather than finding an answer to it. Most of our questions are lacking this creativity, for example, most of our questions have their answers ready in the FAQ list, simply because we (as a society) have the tendency to ask the same questions over and over again, in other words, we are united by our strangely ubiquitous ignorance about the same aspects of any slightly complicated brain demanding activity.
 Asking a question, that is related to the subject yet it's not in the FAQ list, requires some creativity. Although to ask a question is not considered any kind of real achievement but we really need to reconsider and give it some credit.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Think positive

Those who get surprised by their happy feelings will not enjoy them for long.

It's not what we do, but how we do it

Tendency to finish things fast reflects a lazy behavior, because we want to wrap it up and finish on the expense of a good closure.

Over thinking

The easiest way to fall into procrastination is to over-think anything you have to do.


What printing presses yield we think good store.
But what is writ by hand we reverence more.
—John Donne

Knowledge is a Chance to Progress

One who is successful without knowing the reason of his success is facing an imminent failure. However, who is unsuccessful but already knows the reason of his failure is on the verge of a genuine and lasting success.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cause of existence

Discussion give the words their real meanings, after all humans invented language to discuss and elevate their cumulative comprehension of their own existence. But after some time, somebody invented politics and the real meaning of words become a far fetched objective.

Communication achieved between truth-seeking minds is our cause of existence.

When I say that, I feel like an archeologist rather than a thinker.

Monday, January 16, 2012

غابة المرايا او الكاليدوسكوب

لم يعد لي ما يكفيني من المرايا, في غابة المرايا
انعكست حياتي على اربع ولم يبق لي سوى ثلاث ولكن حتى وأن كانت هناك أخرى فلست متاكدا أن ما ستؤول اليه شعلتي سيكون كافيا للانعكاس على ثامنة
الان تنعكس حياتي على هذه المرآة ومعها ينعكس كل شيء, كل شيء بدأ بالتحول الى انعكاس ضحل في المرآة التي كانت نافذة نحو الفضاء المتسع , وأصبحت سجنا صقيلا يجبر الضوء على الانعكاس نحو الداخل المتجدد
إنعكس الكون بأكمله  إلا تلك البقعة المعتمة في طرف المرآة, اكاد اجزم انها تقاوم التحول كاي شي الى مجرد انعكاس لضوء لم يعد لتاريخه رواة
اتمنى ان اكون مخطئا وان لا يكون  لمراياي امد محدد,  فكل مرآة انعكس عليها تجعلني أجمل وانا الان أجمل من اجمل أحلامي
  لا شائبة تبقى على جسد المرآة النقي, وإن لم يعد لي الكثير من المرايا فلا بأس, عندما تنفذ مراياي سارحل الى اطراف الزمن وأسكن هناك في ظلال الشمس, وستصبح السماء مرآة كبيرة ينعكس عليها كل من نفذت مراياه لتعيده كسرا زجاجية ملونة, ترقص حول نفسها وسط غابة من المرايا

Monday, January 2, 2012

Choosing the right things to ignore

 Human smartness lies in the remarkable ability to ignore the unimportant details.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Patriotism can not be engineered

Patriotism can not be engineered but it can be farmed like trees.

Tools and Civilization

Archaeologists always measured the civilization development  from the complexity of the tools used by that particular civilization.
It's time to change this approach to measure the complexity of the tool purpose, instead of the complexity of the tool itself.

A scalpel is a simple tool, it will not measure alone the real civilization development unless its purpose is considered as the main tool in the hand of a surgeon performing a life saving surgery.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Predicted Avengers

 In war, predicted Avengers are less advantageous than unpredicted Sacrificers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking for the truth

Life and death does not define right and wrong.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Train of Technology

Over time, the tools that defines human abilities to build and secure their life style are subject to change, this change seems to have no effect on their major objectives: prosperity, security, stability, overcome limitations of space and time, have better understanding of their situation in the universe, and fine tuning the scientific prediction of the events to come.

Looking at human civilization history and we can recognize the big cycle of technology that is taking place, although in different path every time but for the same end.

Early stages of civilization shows that technology was mainly driven by fear and worries of the societies that was developing them, However, and as those societies explore more meanings and become aware of their physical limitations, technology motivation, slowly spiced up with society wants and dreams more than fears and worries.

Once we start seeing technology motives switching back to be fear and worries more than wants and dreams, we should realize that the train is heading down in the cycle.

The train of technology is running in a big circle but the few who only look for the true meaning of life and death, have their eyes always looking forward, and if they really want to progress, they have to get off the train at the closest station to their objectives, after all, the train is just a tool not a solution.

When it comes to the true meaning of our existence in the universe, what we see and feel does not matter, only what we believe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fearless nightmare

True love is a fearless nightmare, so intense like facing death with a heart full of hope that it will through you back to life again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Untold knowledge

Maturity, the untold knowledge.
When we start doing our own genuine mistakes.
Overcome all the ready-to-eat common sense that our society feed us
Start to distinguish between the box and what is out of the box.
Our knowledge loses its words to our wisdom
when we take the road through the thick jungle of lies, because we believe in the truth that lies behind,
and when we realize we are not alone in all of this.
when we realize that lies, as cruel and wrong as they seem to be, are just like death, one of the necessities of life, that we should accept and stay away from.
when we know that love is an anchor in time.
Anger is losing mind and dignity.
when we know that going back is not wrong, no matter how far we have walked.
when (what we do) loses importance to (how we are doing it).
When correcting ourselves, become more often than correcting other people.
That is maturity.

Flashbacks of love

When it comes to real love, may be our long life is what keeps the love always short as we want to freeze the moment and keep it forever.
Love is a moment of intimacy that renders the following moments into continuous flashbacks that seems so real, we start to believe nothing else is, but love.
Its meaning full, moving, touching and most importantly joyful pain each time we collide with the solid reality, as it exist only in our mutual imagination.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

تحت جناح الموت

لمحات من ذاكرة متعبة
صفحات افرغتها السنين
 ونستها الاقلام
بين سطورها تاهت الخطوط والاوهام
كلمات مبعثرة وبقايا احلام
اذكر احيانا اني مت
اذكر لحظات لم تولد بعد
وغريب الامر اني اذكرها لمحات
و اني بيقين اسميتها ذكريات
ولو كانت حقا
ما كانت لتكتب هذي الكلمات

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Years of Tears

Be grateful for those who made you happy even for a second.

All the years of suffering that follows that second is not their fault, on the contrary, it just a prove that they gave you a second that worth years of tears.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Containing death in our imagination

Every difficulty become a bit easier once we finished imagining its detailed happening, even our death become more acceptable once we overcome our deep fears and manage to contain it in our imagination.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Patience for truth

  The truth has never been ugly, it might be bitter sometimes but it is always beautiful when we see it as a whole.


الكتاب كلمات أمٌلَ كاتبها انها ستقاوم الزمن بينما أمٌلَ قارءها انها ستختصره

A book

A book is a collection of ideas, findings and feelings written by someone who hopped that his words will survive longer then he does.
Ironically, his book will be read by someone who either hopped to kill some time or who wanted to have a shortcut through the time needed to gain knowledge.

A book is a way to manipulate our awareness of time.

Unlucky to have this luck

Its terribly unlucky when mistakes are continuously fixed without notice, prohibiting us from knowing that we are getting lucky, and its not really our imaginary super skills that grants us success, further  worse, we don't get to be aware of our mistakes so we might correct them.


When you enjoy being silly and admit it with a genuine smile on your face, that is freedom.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Key of failure

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
Bill Cosby

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What is genuine ماهو اصيل

My words are roughly 50% from what I have learned in my life observing and reading other people experiences. The rest 50% are genuinely my own mistakes.

 نصف ما اكتبه هو مما تعلمته في حياتي من تجارب الاخرين ومما اقرأه وما لاحظته اما النصف الباقي فتعلمته من اخطائي

Communicate as long as you have the chance

Communicate, with yourself, with your team, with strangers and with enemies as well as friends.

 Death is just lack of communication, so communicate hard as long as you have the chance.

Illogical world

Waiting will never be an enjoyable experience, but when it happens, the common sense is subsidized and we start to feel joy from waiting, a new illogical world is constructed to host this magical dreamy combination of feelings and illness we call Love.

Men are idiots when it comes to women

Women think we are idiots and they can fool us easily, we on the other hand are careless about what women think or do and so we prove them right, we are idiots when it comes to women.


There is no harm in being careless and ignorant about ones own foolishness and lack of sophistication and I wish I can say the same thing about ones smartness.

When time starts

Time lives on mistakes and wrongs acts. When we do anything right, it does not matter which comes first as long as this is right, but when we do a mistake it is a different story and now we need to know what happen first and what happen last.

A mistake gives significance to time, we all know that heaven is eternal as it is perfectly flawless, time can't live there. Everything we know now, starts when time starts with a mistake, but who did it and why?

Google, the new religion

For Google sake, if Google say it, then it is true, If Google could not find it then it does not exist yet !

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pay attention

Pay attention to the details, and time will repeat itself sooner than you think.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unborn moments

Every moment spent in hatred is a moment burnt in a wasting manner that leads to burn the next unborn moment in a never ending chain of events that can not be broken unless a miracle happen like falling in love or dropping dead

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dreams, path to the unknown

The most beautiful thing about dreams is that some of them can come true and change the reality rendering the impossible dreams to be possible in a path to the unknown.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Civilization is a woman

In societies where women rights are the lowest and woman leadership is  absent, we find life styles and architectural signatures that are much retarded then expected in societies with a remarkable education levels for males.
 Woman is a key factor in modern civilization as we know it, and the man's share is not even close to her's, in other words without the active participation and motivation from woman through out the history, we would be still nomads carrying our tents and guns around deserts in an endless and hopeless war that we as men are living and dying for.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

للصمت ضجيج

للصمت ضجيج يتعالى مع اللحظات
ان طال يصبح عويلا مشؤوما تصحبه صرخات
يجعلنا نهرب من انفسنا نحو الاصوات 
 اطواق نجاة في بحر ضياعه تصير الكلمات
ابطالا وسيوفا تمسي الهمسات
بوجودها يتلاشى الصمت
كما تتلاشى تحت الشمس الظلمات

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

النقاء الابدي

أشتاق للبحر
أمواجه المتلاطمة على الشاطيء
تعدني بانها ستحتضن زجاجتي الملونة
ورسالتي المفعمة بالمشاعر والمتجردة من الزمن
كالبحر نفسه
فأنا والبحر نفهم بعضنا ويجيد تواصله معي
وببساطة التعبير يجعلني ادرك انه سيبقى لي
ويغريني بالكثير
كي احكي له بعض الحكايا
وبعضا مما اجيد من اغاني
ارنمها مع هدير امواجه
اغسل اقدامي باطراف ردائه الازرق
اترك اثاري للحظات على نقاء رماله الابدي

وقد اشرب من مائه المشبع بالملح
قبل ان اغطس نحو اعماقه المليئة بالغموض
أشتاق له
رغم ان أمواجه تطالبني برتابة أن يكون مدفني
ساكتفي بان أدفن فيه كلماتي

Monday, August 3, 2009

جواهر في كل مكان

هناك جواهر في كل مكان
علينا فقط ان نبحث عنها دون ان نبتعد عن الناس
لاننا ان وجدنا كل جواهر الكون وفقدنا صلتنا بالمجتمع فلن يكون لجهودنا معنى
ولو كان بحثنا جادا وكنا محظوظين فسنجد اثمن واجمل الجواهر في الناس انفسهم

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ما يؤذي الروح

الجوع يؤذي الجسد اما الشبع فيؤذي الروح

Sunday, July 26, 2009

غريب هو الانسان

غريب هو الانسان

يطالب بالكثير على الرغم من ان القليل يكفيه تماما

ولا يعطي الا القليل على الرغم من انه يستطيع ان ان يمنح الكثير الكثير

Thursday, July 23, 2009

رحلة نحو الضوء

ارحل نحو الضوء
اتوق للوهج
دوامة الغموض وظلمة الوحدة
تجعلني ارسم الخطوط
اطرز الحواشي
واملأ الفضاء خيوطا من الفرح
لكل خيط بداية وظل
وكومة من النهايات
اتخيل الظلال
بهيجة كالحلم
ارحل نحو الضوء
كي امنح اللوحات والخيوط
ظلالا من الالم
اجدد النذور

Thursday, July 16, 2009

اجابات كالأسئلة

قالت له ان الامر ببساطة كفن الطبخ تغيير طفيف في المكونات يجعل النتيجة فريدة ولذيذة وتجربة لا تنسى

Monday, July 6, 2009

فراشات حمراء

كل لحظة تمر دون ان الون شيئا او ارسم اقواسا
ستتيه في داخلي وتزاحم ذكرياتي

كل لحظة تمر
ستتراكم كذرات الغبار على مصباحي الوحيد
فيخبو وهجه

كل لحظة تمر دون ان الون شيئا او ارسم اقواسا
سيكبر الطفل فيّ
ويصبح رجلا ومع كل لحظة تمر قد ينتفض
ويحطم المصباح ويتلف الاوراق
والافكار والاواني

كل لحظة تمر
دون ان الون شيئا او ارسم اقواسا
سانزف عمري
فراشات حمراء
وذكريات ملونة يختطها الألم


للرجل القدرة على النسيان
وللمرأة القدرة على الغفران
وليس النسيان كالغفران ابدا


Care about me but stop caring about what I am thinking

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Being brilliant is not enough to be a leader, needless to say it's not required to be led

Pillow Fight

Pillow fight
white feathers flying everywhere
dancing faces
hands with more pillows
mouths with less words
splashes of joy
strangling the pain
pillow fight

The Darkest Spot on Earth

If love was the only source of light, we would be the darkest spots on earth

Friday, June 19, 2009

دوامة الاحزان

تستثيرها حادثة عابرة تجلب معها الذكريات
وغيوم ملؤها الدموع تحجب الامل
اوراق بعثرها الندم
اصفرت عبر الزمن

لكن طعمها لم يتغير
اهترأت اطرافها من كثر التأمل
بعضها ملون كالجروح او مسود كالليل

اومشرق كالقمر
سطورها تحكي بخطوط مرتعشة عن الحب و والامل
على هوامشها ردود قصيرة
تزينها كمصابيح الحدائق
تنتصب في المساحات الفارغة
اطويها بحنان وانتظر فرصة مؤاتية كي اتأملها من جديد
فلحزنها عذوبة السعادة
ولملمسها انوثة الحياة

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting to enjoy it

I don't know which bothers me most, the fact that I am lonely or that I am starting to enjoy it

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inner whispers

do a lot just to avoid listening to our inner whispers

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slow down and enjoy life

Speed can destroy a lot of beautiful things that we have. It disables our ability to learn and to enjoy life

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

لغة الصمت

لغة الصمت
وكلمات طويلة من السكوت
نظرات ملؤها الاحساس
زفرات ساخنة
كأم وطفلها الرضيع
للصمت والسكون والصراخ معنى
لكل شيء معنى الا الكلام
ليس له معنى

قوة الحياة

يتسلل النور من ثقوب عديدة احدثتها رصاصات اخترقت الباب الحديدي الملقى على جانب الطريق من سخرية القدر ان تكون تلك الثقوب نافذة لها نحو الامل والحياة فبعد ان احرقتها الحرب وقطعت اوصالها الشظايا وغطاها باب حديدي مشوه, اصبحت تلك الثقوب شموسا صغيرة تنير لها طريق الحياة وتشجعها على ان تمد غصنا عبر مسارب صنعتها يد الموت لتتسلل الاغصان ولتخضر اوراقها وتزهر, لتصبح وان كانت غير قادرة على الكلام من اقدر الكائنات على التعبير عن روعة وقوة الحياة

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

words can bite

Sometimes I enjoy silence until words grow teeth and bite me to scream them out

Saturday, May 9, 2009


لن استطيع ان أروي كل العطاشى لكني سأبذل كل جهدي كي أدلهم على البئر

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good, Bad and Naive

There is no Good and Bad People, only Good and Bad intentions or acts Basically we consider anyone who focuses on his good intentions more than he does on bad
ones as a good guy
We are also good people because we do focus on others good intentions and acts,as we always commit the same trust mistakes and comprise the bad edge of the
good people crowd, we are called naive

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


الاحلام هي المشاعر الوحيدة التي تنجح في جعلنا نتوق لاسترجاعها وتحليل معانيها عندما نستيقظ في الصباح

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

للحرية ظلال

ظلي يعيش حياة افضل مني ويزدهر في الضوء الساطع
ظلي لا يأبه سوى بالشمس ويبحث بي عن مساحات مستوية يرتسم عليها بلا تشوه
وابحث انا عن زوايا ومخابيء احشر فيها جسدي كي اتوارى عن الشرور
ليس للسجناء ظلال في زنازينهم المظلمة
فقد ضاعت حريتهم مع الشمس
الان عرفت لماذا يذكرون الشمس والحرية
لان الشمس تمنحنا الحرية
 وترسم لنا ظلالا وسعادة

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how to feel good

It is imazing how much we spend and do just to make us feel good about ourselves. We don't notice that it is the teeny tiny good things that we do for others to make them feel better that did the trick

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

عبق الطين

ضوء القمر الفضي يجعلني استرخي وعبق الطين الزكي يحررني من الزمن لتصبح لكل لحظة قيمة كانها العمر كله

Sunday, April 12, 2009

الحياة الكاملة

كل منا يختار مسار حياته بشكل مختلف, فمنا من يختار القفز هنا وهناك ومنا من يختار الخط المستقيم مهما كان اتجاهه ومنا من يدور في دوائر صغيرة دون ان يتحرك الى اي وجهة ومنا من يمضي في مسار منحني قليلا ليدور به حول العالم ويعود في النهاية الى نقطة البدء, و برأيي تلك هي الحياة الكاملة

Monday, April 6, 2009


الحياة صعبة ومؤلمة حتى اننا نظنها في بعض الاحيان كل الحقيقة


اخشى ان اجلس وحدي في مكان كنا فيه معا .. إن انتظرتك طويلا اخشى ان لا تأتي و معك الورود التي وعدتني بها بل اخشى ان لا تحضري ابدا
اخشى على الحلم ان يصبح كابوسا وانتفض من مهجعي في احضان اخرى وفي يدي غصن بلا ورود

Saturday, April 4, 2009


When we understand life and death tranquility will cover all our feelings, hard but worth it

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Understand Yourself

A feeling that bothers you is a feeling that you don't understand. Try to understand
yourself, what you really want and it will stop bothering you forever

Why writing a book feels good

As human, our major concern is what impact our life made in other people's lives. So writing a book feels good because it makes us sure that the impact will continue long after we are gone


فلنشجع جميعا الفشل .. لانه يمنحنا فرصة النجاح السهل ولان النجاح لا يحتاج الى تشجيع ايضا
كما انه يمنحنا الفرصة الوحيدة لمعرفة حدود امكانياتنا ونقاط ضعفنا الحقيقية

Permanent Difference

It takes one moment of madness to make a permanent difference

طي النسيان

رن الجوال معلنا وصول رسالة امد يدي اليه وتوقعاتي عن ماهية الرسالة ومرسلها تتصاعد كدخان ساخن, وعندما اصطدم بحقيقة ان المرسل لم يكن متوقعا تماما وأن الرسالة غير ذات اهمية تصبح الحادثة فجأة في طي النسيان كانها لم تكن, ويبقى صدى رنة الجوال يرتجع في رأسي ودخان خفيف لافكار تتحدى الواقع

Sunday, March 29, 2009


اعتدت الفراق .. واعتدت ان تغيبي عني .. كثيرا .. اشهرا بل فصولا .. بل حروبا بطولها .. لكنني كنت في كل مرة .. انجح في العودة إليك .. ولو بلمحة سريعة لأرجع بعدها لأحتضان أحزاني وآلامي.

ليس لي حياة بدونك .. نعم قد يموت الإنسان في أي لحظة .. لكنني لا أريد ان أموت بعيدا عنك.

Live large

You don't have a job? do you have a credible personality ? it doesn't matter if you don't, you just need to say to the people around you that you care and understand their needs and you are working hard to help them achieve the dreams they have, start your new carrier as a Politician and live large doing nothing but telling lies

Sunday, March 22, 2009

الحبل المشدود

وسط بحر الحيرةأجد كلماتي تبحث عن قارئ أو عن حضن دافئ
أعبئها مشاعر ودموعا أرسلها مع أمواج البحر
أوصي بها القمر واتبعها بالهاتف
وأنا اعرف أن الأسلاك الغادرة قد انقطعت
يتلكأ صوتك يتبعثر يتلاشى يتكور
يصبح طيفا يبقى في ذاكرة الليل
يسامر جرحا وأنينا ودخانا من نار الشوق
بين كرات اللعب وكرات جهنم
فرق تعرفه أنامل لا زالت تتألم

بقعة ضوء تتراقص
وألوان تأبى أن تتناغم
وزوايا ضاعت في الفوضى
حبل مشدود للعتمة

يدك شيطان ابيض قفاز وردي ناعم
خارطة لوطن مغصوب ضاعت أسماؤه في الحرب
وأختلط الباطل بالحق
أم اعماها الحزن
تبحث بين الأشلاء عن جسد أو أثر للتوأم
يدك تعرفه تتذكره
تتلمس بحثا عنه في برك الدم
يدك تستنطقه اسمه وأسم حبيبته
قصة بطولته آماله أحلامه المدفونة قبله
في تراب هربت ألوانه في العتمة
ولا زال الحبل مشدودا بغرابة
أنا اعرف أين بدايته وتعرف نهايته يدك
خارطة لوطن مغصوب ضاعت أسماؤه في الحرب

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Men and Women

I don't see boys and girls, nor men and women, only human, furtunatly that is not the way all the time especially when I am writing.


It's hard to understand why they exists because of their nature, but whoever tried to unveil the mystery of secrets will find that it's all started with an inappropriate question which it's answer was the first secret ever.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what men want

He loved her so much and he was fascinated by her ability to perfectly and continuously play angel to him

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Invention and discovery is not the end of the success story, it is just the begining

( invention is not complecated at all, it is a simple idea that fits into a complex problem and fix it)

Life is Good

Life is good when we realize that death is not that bad, and pain is not the worst feeling we could ever encounter

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Dreams give us the ability to continue in life without knowing why we live

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When you laugh

When you laugh, you celebrate the present, making fun of the past and smile to the future

هوس الحب

أَحَبَها كثيرا واهتم بها حد الهوس كأحجية منمقة لم يتوصل لحلها أحد

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


To precisely define life we have to mention death


يختار مراياه بدقه يقطعها ويشذبها ويضعها بزوايا مدروسة كي تعكس شعاع الشمس المتسرب عبر فتحة الحائط و يتخيل مسارات الضوء ولوحة الالوان التي ترسمها الانعكاسات في الفسحة
يدرك بحزن انها ستختفي مع انحدار الشمس ويدرك انها فانية مع الزمن مثله


Some words deserve to be loved

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clarity of Time

Dynamic observations are more accurate than static ones, it is the clarity of time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

own it first

If you want to sell somthing you have to own it first

The magical ingredient

Love is the magical ingredient, it can fit anywhere and with everything